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A message about Fair Play

Published: 16/08/2013 1:43:00 PM
As we come to the close of the season, we have teams playing in finals or in the running for finals, and passions are heightened.

Ours is a game of passion and emotion, but it is also one of respect - respect for the laws of the game, respect for the officials and respect for our fellow participants.

We want to remind all participants to respect the laws, the officials and their fellow participants as we contest the final weeks of the season.

Win or lose, we want to see everyone enjoy the end of the season and come back next year keen to repeat their successes or build on 2013.

We trust you have enjoyed the season so far and wish everyone the best of luck and the best of good sport and fair play for our final weeks.

Kind regards,
Raff Del Vecchio
ESFA President

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