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2013 League Champions and Grand Final Winners

Published: 1/09/2013 9:50:00 PM
ESFA would like to congratulate all teams who were crowned League Champions and/or Grand Final Winners in 2013. We had some dramatic finishes across all divisions in a perfect way to end the season. We extend our thanks to everyone who participated in football this year.

We have published photos from our Grand Finals on our Facebook page, with more to come very shortly. Be sure to check them out!

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2014.

 Division  League Champions  Grand Final Winners  Grand Final Runner Up 
 PLF  Coogee United FC  Dunbar Rovers Glebe Wanderers 
 PLR  Coogee United FC  Coogee United FC Dunbar Rovers 
 AA1  Coogee United FC  Coogee United FC Queens Park FC Seniors 
 AA2  Bondi United FC  Bondi United FC Coogee United FC 
 AA3  Maroubra United  Maroubra United Dunbar Rovers FC 
 AA4  Redfern Raiders  Redfern Raiders Queens Park FC Seniors A 
 AA5  Dunbar Rovers  Dunbar Rovers Coogee United FC 
 AA6  Lokomotiv Cove FC B  UNSW FC Lokomotiv Cove FC 
 AA6 - Sat  UNSW FC A  UNSW FC A  Sydney University A
 AA7  Coogee United FC B  Coogee United FC B Waverley Old Boys 
 AA8  Queens Park FC A  Lokomotiv Cove Waverley Old Boys 
 AA9  Coogee United FC  Coogee United FC Lions FC 
 AA10  Easts FC  Easts FC Sydney University 
 AAW1  Dunbar Rovers FC AAW1 Queens Park FC Seniors AAW1 Coogee United FC AAW1 
 AAW2  Coogee United FC AAW2 Maroubra United AAW2B Coogee United FC AAW2 
 AAW3  Lokomotiv Cove FC Lokomotiv Cove FC Maccabi Hakoah 
 AAW4  Maccabi Hakoah  Queens Park FC P  Maccabi Hakoah
 O35/1  Dunbar Rovers 35/1  Pagewood Botany FC 35/1 Dunbar Rovers 35/1 
 O35/2  Dunbar Rovers 35/2  Redfern Raiders 35/2 Dunbar Rovers FC 35/2 
 O35/3  Lokomotiv Cove FC  Pagewood Botany FC Easts FC 
 O45/1  Pagewood Botany FC  Pagewood Botany FC Bondi United 
 G12/1  Easts FC A  Queens Park FC Juniors   Easts FC A 
 G14/1  Easts FC A  Easts FC A   Queens Park FC Juniors
 G14/2  Pagewood Botany FC A  Pagewood Botany FC A   Queens Park FC Juniors C 
 G16/1  Queens Park FC Juniors A  Queens Park FC Juniors A   Easts FC 
 G16/2  Queens Park FC Juniors D  Easts FC A   Queens Park FC Juniors D 
 G18/1  Maroubra United  Maccabi Hakoah Juniors FC   Maroubra United 
 G18/2  Queens Park FC Juniors  Queens Park FC Juniors   Easts FC B 
 U12/1  Redfern Raiders  Redfern Raiders   Easts FC B 
 U12/2  Maroubra United Tigers  Olympic Eagles FC   Maccabi Hakoah Junior FC 
 U13/1  Pagewood Botany FC A  Redfern Raiders   Pagewood Botany FC A
 U13/2  Heffron Hawks  Heffron Hawks   Pagewood Botany FC B 
 U13/3  Pagewood Botany FC C  Maccabi Hakoah Junior FC   Pagewood Botany FC C 
 U14/1  Easts FC  Easts FC   Coogee United FC A 
 U15/1  Pagewood Botany FC A  Pagewood Botany FC A   Mascot Kings 
 U16/1  Queens Park FC Juniors  Queens Park FC Juniors A   Heffron Hawks 
 U16/2  Olympic Eagles FC   Easts FC  Olympic Eagles FC
 U18/1  Maccabi Hakoah Junior FC B  Maccabi Hakoah Junior FC B  Queens Park FC Juniors 

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