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President's message regarding Small Sided Football in 2014

Published: 12/02/2014 12:35:00 PM

At the 2013 ESFA AGM the Board received a clear message from its members that they wanted all members to fully support ESFA and the greater football family and in particular to embrace the  ESFA small-sided football program.

The Board has been working hard to achieve that result and I am now pleased to announce that ESFA has reached an agreement with the Pagewood Botany and Queens Park football clubs which it is hoped will lead to the full integration of their small-sided football programs in the ESFA program.

In 2014 all Pagewood Botany and Queens Park competitive aged teams will compete in ESFA competitions. Their under 10 and 11 teams will be given the opportunity to compete with ESFA teams under the supervision of our SSF director Sean Fenton.

It is hoped that this will lead to a full integration of all age groups in future years.  In addition, Sean and the SSF Council will be reviewing all member SSF programs and recommending a model that is best suited to the needs of our players and fully embraces the spirit of the FFA SSF curriculum.

In developing these recommendations due consideration will be given to issues such as availability of facilities, clubs geographical diversification, and other logistical considerations which apply in the eastern suburbs.  Much work has already been done by ESFA on this and we look forward to building on that work with input from Pagewood and Queens Park.

This is an exciting development as it will enable our community-based clubs to, again, concentrate their energies on delivering the best, most affordable opportunities for local football players.

Yours in football,

Raff Del Vecchio

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