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Wet Weather!

Published: 17/04/2014 10:29:00 AM

We had another weekend of the weather being less than friendly. For the most part, games did go ahead, however much confusion was caused with some games due to ground closures being updated throughout the day.

We would remind all Clubs that should any Council not close a ground and the ground hirer chooses to close the ground throughout the day, it is imperative that ESFA be informed. The Club Secretary of each Club (or similar delegate) has the responsibility to advise ESFA of any ground closures subsequent to initial advice of Councils keeping grounds open. We had scenarios over the weekend where one team would turn up, no teams turned up but the referee did and referees arriving at appointments only to be told the games had been cancelled.

We cannot advise our ESFA Competition if we are not advised ourselves.

Facebook, Twitter and the Wet Weather line are constantly updated with any advice we have received. Please continually use these resources throughout a rain affected day as grounds can close subsequent to initial postings.

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