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Published: 29/05/2014 3:05:00 PM
Season 2014 has seen ESFA present all Seniors an opportunity to play in an ESFA challenge outside their normal competition Grade. 

While ESFA Cup still existed for AA1 to AA4 and AAM Championships League (Premier League) teams, ESFA introduced the ESFA Women's Cup. This was open to all female players within ESFA from AAW2 through to AAW4. Our AAW1 Competition were entered into the State Cup as an alternative. 

With the ESFA Women's Cup, Clubs could amalgamate their teams and have one team ranging from AAW2 - 4 or simply compete with a set team from their ESFA Competition Grade. 

The ESFA trophy was introduced for our male competition players from AA5 through to Over 45s. Teams were entered into this competition as per their regular ESFA competition Club teams.

ESFA is pleased to announce that the ESFA Women's Cup and ESFA Men's Trophy Finals will be played at Hensley Athletic Field on Monday 9th June, 2014.

Congratulations to the following teams who will compete to win the first ever finals of this kind in the ESFA Competition:-

  • ESFA Women's Cup - Maccabi AAW v UNSW AAW - Kick Off 12:00pm
  • ESFA Men's Trophy -  Pagewood Over 45 v Maroubra United Saturday AA7 - Kick Off 2:30pm
We look forward to watching some great games of football and hope the stands will be full of supporters from these Clubs and the ESFA community.

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