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Please Be Respectful on the Parks

Published: 29/05/2014 4:04:00 PM
We at ESFA have eyes and ears on every park. 

We are concerned about Coach?RTO behaviour and player behaviour when it comes to the treatment of our Referees. 

Our junior referees in particular are still in their learning phase and to be educated and taught correctly is not the role of a team Coach/RTO even if done with all good intention. While our coaches and RTOs may believe they are versed in The Laws Of The Game or in fact once were referees, unless you are a Senior Referee currently registered and active with ESFARB in season 2014, please do not advise our referees as to where they are going "wrong". Children should not be intimidated by adults in any way shape or form. We need to encourage our referees to remain in the game for the benefit of the game.

Our senior referees are so used to the heckling from the sidelines that they are not reporting all Coach/RTO or spectator behaviour. We are on the park. We have heard it, we have witnessed it. We will not tolerate our referees being called names nor will we tolerate intimidating behaviour. How many of us would allow ourselves to stand in the middle of a park for 90 minutes and be vilified from the sideline?

Our eyes and ears also tell us however, that there are fundamentally some incredibly supportive and even tempered Clubs and teams out there! To the Clubs who ensure the referees are well looked after, we thank you for the respect that they are being shown.

We look forward to our continual time on the park being more about watching community football and all the skill and enjoyment that goes with it. 

It's called the beautiful game for a reason. Let's just watch it!

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