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Published: 22/07/2014 8:57:00 AM
As we head toward the Semi Finals and Finals, we remind Clubs of the importance of expectations.

It is expected that Clubs provide spectator ropes. This is part of the Competition Rules. This is to generally assist the Match Officials in the preservation of order and good discipline at any match.

It is expected that fields are marked on a regular basis. This includes halfway, penalty box, and the centre circle and penalty arcs. If these are not visible, it becomes difficult for our Match Officials, especially if not provided by Assistant Referee Support. 

We also expect Away Clubs to respect the ground they are visiting and not leave their rubbish lying around on the ground. If no bin is provided, take it with you! 

Reminding teams also that if you do not check the opposition's cards, there may be no recourse should you have issues on the game. It is up to RTOs to insist on viewing ID cards or PDF sheet. Team sheets are also required to be available for the Match Officials prior to kick off. No excuses! Be prepared!

We also remind Clubs, that should a Match Official not be appointed, it is the home team's responsibility to provide a referee. Unofficial referees have the same powers as an officially appointed referee. This includes cautions and red cards.

Please do not approach an ESFARB Referee to officiate your game. These referees may not be eligible to referee your division. This particularly refers to our Junior Referees ie. a young referee should not be approached to referee an older age group by coaches who assure them it's perfectly acceptable and as a coach they have the right to appoint. They do not. The Referees Coordinator appoints referees and no referee shall officiate a game without permission from the Referees Coordinator or the Referees Management Committee. 

Now we have the housekeeping out of the way, we trust we will see some fabulous football over the coming weeks leading to our Finals Series!

Play in the spirit of the game!

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