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Published: 21/08/2014 2:26:00 PM

What will happen if games are washed out this weekend  -


As the rain continues to come down and many fields closed today it was important that a strategy be agreed if games are again washed out this weekend. Accordingly the following principals  will apply.

  •  Grand Finals will proceed as scheduled on Sat 30th & Sunday 31st. As most of these games are at Hensley synthetic field they are almost certain to be played - even if it rains again as forecast 

  • The result of any game that is played this weekend will stand.

  •  If games are  washed out teams will be encouraged to reschedule their games to be played midweek. ESFA will try to assist where it is able.  NB : to allow for finalising G/F it would be highly desirable that games be played by Thursday.   

  •  If a game can't be rescheduled then the competition rule whereby the higher placed team progresses to the G/F will need to be applied.  No one like this idea BUT there has to be a resolution.  

IMPORTANT  - We  strongly encourage the higher placed teams to display a real spirit of co-operation.

Provided you can field a reasonable team at a reasonable time we would hope the game is played.

If this means giving up home ground advantage that is reasonable.  

Remember next year you could be the lower placed team !

Everyone understands it will be very disappointing if a team made the semi's but is effectively eliminated without playing a game but unfortunately the weather has been almost unprecedented.  The decision to use Hensley for G/F has meant there will be at least a G/F in most competitions which given the forecast may not have been the case.  

NOTE   If teams are eliminated  without playing would they be interested in a Consolation game ie 3 v4 

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