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John Reid Retires From Committee At Maroubra United After 33 Years

Published: 21/01/2015 3:35:00 PM
ESFA Hall Of Fame recipient John Reid has formally retired from his position of Seniors President at Maroubra United after 33 years of passion  and time given to the Club. John is well known within the Association and has built some wonderful relations with other Clubs within the Association and has seen many changes in ESFA staff and Board members. If there ever was anyone within the Association who would be able to educate us in it's history and development, then it would be John Reid.

In 1981, John returned from a brief 2 and a half year stint in his UK homeland having first arrived in Australia in 1974.  In 1974 he began his relationship with Maroubra United by training various teams, though never donning the boots and taking to the pitch himself as a player.

1982 saw John coach the Maroubra U6As. The following year, John was elected Club President which he held until 1989. At this time Maroubra United only consisted of junior players. 1993 saw the development of Maroubra United Seniors and John once again took the helm of President of both Juniors and Seniors until 1996.

John Reid has remained President of Seniors from 1993 until his retirement from this role and all Committee positions in late 2014. 

John has coached for his entire 33 years with Maroubra United and will continue to do so which is a reflection of his commitment to grassroots football.

John Reid is a member of the ESFA Ground Development Trust Committee and shall remain in this role.

We wish John the very best with all his free time and salute his dedication to all things football. We look forward to still seeing him on the parks and occasionally within the corridors of ESFA!

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