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Published: 2/04/2015 2:19:00 PM

Player Profile

Oran Weldrick - Coogee United Men's Championship First Grade Captain

Position - Striker

How long have you been playing in ESFA?

I believe this is my 5th or 6th season. Not sure if they had computers back then so official start date is still TBC. 20 years after Jake Peacock if that helps!

What’s the best thing about playing for your club?

The banter with the boys and not going to Ikea with the missus on a Saturday afternoon.

How do you fancy your chances of winning the league this year?

We have a strong squad this year (Firsts and Ressies) and we have had a very good pre-season. Saying that, it looks like all the other teams have strengthened too so it will be another tough battle this year.

Who do you think the main contenders for the ESFA league title and why?

I think it will be the usual contenders again. Our good friends Dunbar always recruit well and will be up there come end of season. We have Waverley in 2 weeks’ time and they were very strong last year so I know they will be keen for the league this year. Outside of these two I reckon Phoenix and Maroubra.

Which football team do you support and why?

Liverpool for my sins. I have always supported them since when I first started playing ball. The best and most frustrating team to support in the world. Gerrard’s slip will haunt me for the rest of my life. Rodgers is doing well though so I am happy so far. Next year will be our year for sure J

Out of the new signings at your club who is showing the most promise this year?

A few new signings this year. The recruitment manager was on fire in the off season. I have seen more of the new signings form off the park than on the park so looking forward to our games coming thick and fast so we can get a good look at the new boys. Always good to strengthen and we have certainly done that.

Outside of playing football in the Eastern Suburbs what else do you get up to?

Usually socialising with mates around the Eastern Suburbs.

Who is the best dressed at your club?

It is a close call between the Gaffer (James Whiteford) or Adsy (Adam Scrutton). Based on his performance at our pre-season social day at the Golden Slipper I will have to give it to Adsy for now (sorry Gaffer).

Who is the squad member famous for their lack of smarts?

Dan Rayson, he got lost in Bondi last weekend driving home from the game (he has lived in Bondi for 2 years). Nothing more to add

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