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Senior Competition Resumes After A Break In Transmission

Published: 9/04/2015 12:01:00 PM
This weekend we resume transmission after a short break! Our Juniors still have another weekend off to fine tune their football skills in their backyards and training fields, however it's game on once again for our Senior Competition.

We would remind all our players to play by the rules. Respect should be given to your own teammates, opposition and match officials. We remind all to ascertain whether their game is covered by a referee by looking at the uncovered games list Uncovered Games By Club Weekend 11th and 12th April, 2015. Should your game not have a referee appointed, it is the home team's responsibility to provide a referee as per the Competition Rules.

We are also interested in any feedback with regard to match officials which may be done by completing a Referee Evaluation Form

Of course as it is April, we tend to be more mindful of the weather. No one wants games cancelled, however please be aware of the current wet weather procedures and why grounds may be closed due to wet weather.

Wet weather

Checking for wet weather announcements is the same as last year. To find out if your ground is closed, you can use any one of the following methods:

ESFA does not make the decision to close a ground in the event of wet weather. Ground closures follow a set decision making hierarchy:

  • Ground owner: All closure notices from owners are final and absolute.
  • Ground hirer: A hirer may close a ground at any time if it is not fit for play. Hirers may take advice, but it is the hirer’s responsibility to monitor the situation on their grounds and must close any grounds that are unfit for play. Hirers cannot re-open grounds closed by owners.
  • Referee: The appointed match official must ensure that each match is played on a safe ground. Referees cannot close a ground but may declare that a field is not safe to play on. A referee cannot re-open grounds closed by owners or hirers.

Once a ground is closed, it cannot be re-opened that day.

NB: We only update our wet weather information on weekends and competition match days. To find out if your ground is closed for training you will need to either contact your Club or the council directly.

Visit our ESFA Wet Weather Page for full details.

We would also remind those within our football community who use Social Media, to be mindful of comments. We have minors who are part of the football family who should not be subjected to inappropriate language or comments. We reiterate that any feedback to ESFA administration may be made through correct channels. Please advise your Clubs of any concerns and ask the Club administrators forward same to ESFA. If we are not made aware of situations, we cannot offer resolutions.

We wish all our Senior Competition a great weekend of football. 

See you on the parks.

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