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A quiet word about player IDs

Published: 29/05/2015 3:36:00 PM

Let’s have a word about player identification.

All eligible players will have an ID card that will show the player’s registered team, name and photo. 

As a backup, ESFA has specified ID sheets (produced by your club using the “Registration Card – A4 Size” report in MyFootballClub) that similarly show the players’ registered team, name and photo is acceptable backup.

If a player can’t show their ID card or their ID on an ID sheet, they are not eligible to play.

If an entire team cannot show their ID cards or their IDs on an ID sheet, this must be noted on the match sheet. They can start the game but they have until half time to get the IDs there or the game is forfeited.

Before the game, each side should line up before kickoff with the referee present and show their player IDs to the opposing team. The RTO for each team is responsible for ensuring the IDs of their opponents are checked.

ESFA may issue fines if the ID check is not done, and ESFA will not consider any complaints about player eligibility if ID checks are not done.

Let’s make sure everyone is properly identified on the parks so that win, lose or draw, we know the result was fair and square.

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