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The 25 Metre Rule Introduced for U12, G12 and U13 Football

Published: 9/07/2015 3:36:00 PM
This weekend sees the introduction of the 25m rule in U12, G12 and U13 football. These changes have been updated in Schedule C Competition Rules.

We particularly ask all Clubs to observe some patience, understanding and communication with each other with regard to this rule implementation.

We also ask Clubs to please show the same respect to our young match officials who will also be implementing this rule for the first time. 


(A)       For U12 and G12, corner kicks shall be taken on the goal line seven (7) metres (approximately 8 yards) from the edge of the penalty area.

(B)       For U12, G12, U13 and G13:

a.         Once a goal kick has been awarded the players from the attacking team must retreat 25 metres from the defending team’s goal line.

b.         Goalkeepers must take their own goal kicks.

c.         From a goal kick the ball must be played by another player of the defending team outside the penalty area and not more than 25 metres from the defending team’s goal line and only when the ball has been touched by that player may players of the attacking team come within 25 metres of the defending team’s goal line (“the 25 metre area”).

d.         If at the time of the goal kick attacking team players are within the 25 metre area but:

                                      i.        are retreating; and

                                     ii.        are more than 10 metres from the defending team player receiving the ball from the goalkeeper,

play should continue.

e.         Subject to sub-clause d above, if a goal kick is not taken in accordance with this rule then the goal kick is retaken.


Simply put:
  •  The field should have the 25m area marked with a cone or a pole
  •  The keeper takes his/her own goal kicks, and will pass the ball to a teammate within 25m of their goal line
  •  all opposing players stay at least 25m from the goal line until the player receiving the goal kick touches the ball
  •  If an opposing player is still retreating to outside the 25m or more than 10m from the receiving player the goalkeeper is free to take the goal kick quickly
If either:
  •  the goal kick goes beyond the 25m area, or; 
  •  if an attacking player encroaches on the 25m to pressure the receiving player before the receiving player touches the ball, then the goal kick is to be retaken
Let us see the kids on the parks enjoying their football with cooperation of all in the changes to the rules. Please remember, this is not the World Cup and our players are not Socceroos (yet) and our referees remain human.

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