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Weekend Update 11th and 12th July, 2015

Published: 10/07/2015 5:07:00 PM

This weekend according to those in the know at the BOM tell us we are in for some extremely cold weather. We say that’s the best way to play football and when everyone wants to be goalkeeper just so they can wear gloves!

With all our youngsters back on the parks this weekend, we trust that our U12 girls and boys have all been made aware of the new 25 metre rule. We ask for cooperation among clubs, RTOs, players and referees with the initial teething problems a new rule may provide. Respect and patience is the least that we ask.

Our senior competition is progressing into the business end of the season with our O45s and O35s looking to a competition split from the weekend of 19th July, 2015.

We still have a number of junior and senior competition catch up games that require scheduling and would ask everyone to cooperate with this process and we can all achieve our goals!

We request strongly that clubs insist RTO’s be aware of their responsibility on the sidelines (and if playing) as well as the current Competition Rules.  We have the 2015 RTO Guide that tells you all you need to know along with Schedule C:  2015 Competition Rules. We are continually in receipt of bad behaviour from spectators or players and this behaviour will be punished in accordance with the rules. As we say continually, ignorance of a rule is not an excuse. We would also remind Clubs of their responsibility with regard to the consumption of alcohol on the sidelines at senior matches. Be aware of Council ground restrictions and be aware of the impact it may have on your spectators.

We trust our suspended players list will not continue to grow. Make sure your club has forwarded you the list of those in your divisions that may be suspended.

As we don’t want to be all doom and gloom, we are excited for the AAW State Cup Final on Sunday at Valentines Park where Mini and his Dunbar Rovers AAW Championship squad will look to bringing home the State Cup to the Eastern Suburbs and we wish them the best of luck. Read about their journey here.

Football is described as a game of 22 players, 5 subs, a manager, a coach and just as many referees. Should your games be uncovered it will be the home team’s responsibility to provide a referee for the duration of the match.

Of course if you start with the weather, you finish with the weather and as we look outside at the dark grey clouds we remind all Clubs of our wet weather procedures. We will have everything updated by 8:00am each weekend morning but please be patient should grounds close at a later stage in the day.

In the words of Ronaldo “we lost because we didn’t win”.

Football. The beautiful game.

On behalf of the ESFA Team

See you on the parks.

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