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What's Going On At The Parks This Weekend?

Published: 24/07/2015 4:58:00 PM

Let’s story tell for a moment.

It’s a normal round of football. Sun is shining, players are keen, referee is in attendance. Team A asks Team B ‘’can we see your cards?’’. Team B responds “hey mate, we just wanna play football, no need to check, you’ve seen us all before”. Team A do not insist and take to the field. Normal season continues on. Team A meet Team B again. Team A once again ask “can we see your cards?’’. Team B responds ‘’oh, they’re in the car over the park, behind the units under a tree, no time to get them”. Team A let Team B play then notice perhaps there is a player they have never seen before. Alleged cries of ‘’that player isn’t registered!”, ‘’that player is suspended!” but no evidence and no card check and no action able to be taken. And who won that game? Team B of course!


Semi-finals arrive. Team A meet Team B. Suddenly Team B wants to check cards. There’s far more to play for at Finals time! In fact, all around the parks in the Eastern Suburbs, there are frantic rituals of card checking. Players mysteriously disappear over hills and far away, never to be seen again …..

We can avoid the above scenario completely by ID checking this weekend. We would also ask that team sheets be completed correctly and handed to the referee five minutes before the kick off. This also includes players playing up from lower grades. Let’s make this a fair and level playing field for all where all goals and wins are made on the parks, not off the parks.

Our thoughts take a happier turn to our youngest players who do not need player ID cards or team sheets and are involved in the initial innocent love of football.  We hope they all have a wonderful time at Christison Park this Sunday at the ESFA U6 Gala Day this Sunday 26th July, 2015. This is where the passion for football begins! We thank Maccabi Hakoah Juniors FC for playing host to this event. We look forward to stories and photos from the event.

We wish to thank Clubs for their constant cooperation with scheduling of wet weather competitive catch up games. We have a record number of night games next week for both juniors and seniors. We would ask all Clubs to check the uncovered games list for whether or not you have match officials appointed on a daily basis next week.

Also next week, we have the ESFA Cup Semi-Finals, both to be played Tuesday night 28th July, 2015 with Maroubra United AAM Championship Squad taking on Dunbar Rovers O35/1 A’s at Coral Sea and Dunbar Rovers AAM Championship Squad taking on Coogee United AAM Championship Squad at Alexandria Park. We wish all teams the best of luck in their campaign to advance to the Final of the ESFA Cup.

Our ESFA Trophy Semi-Finals are also being played next week, with Dunbar Rovers AA6 taking on Coogee United AA6 A on Wednesday night 29th July, 2015 at NCIE and UNSW AA7 taking on Dunbar Rovers AA7 at DPS on Friday night 31st July, 2015. Once again, we wish all teams the best of luck.

With possible showers forecast for tomorrow, we hope that all games go ahead, though just in case we ask you to once again be patient and that ground closures will be updated on ESFA wet weather channels from 8:00am.

So, with the weekend ahead full of double headers for juniors and seniors, our parks will be at capacity with all of the beautiful game played in honest spirit.

Please check your referee coverage for the weekend by clicking HERE and remember if you are the home team, it is your requirement to provide the referee should you game not be covered.

And all teams played football and lived happily ever after.

The End.

On behalf of the ESFA Team

See you on the parks!

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