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Maroubra United G16s Have A Triple Threat

Published: 3/08/2015 3:27:00 PM
The lethal Lee sisters were born in Palm Springs, USA and are now dominating in the land down under.

Gracie, Ali and Lili Lee have proven a huge hit with the Maroubra United G16 team this season.

The girls moved to Australia when they were just 4 as their Dad took up a senior role in Linguistics' at UNSW.

The girls began their football career with Randwick Girls High, Coogee United Juniors, then moving on to Maroubra United where they have thrived ever since. "We quickly felt at home at Maroubra. The girls are a great bunch who love learning and playing hard while laughing lots! Some girls always have great gossip to tell!'' said all three sisters at once!

The Lethal Lee line across the midfield every Sunday with Ali and Lili moving forward and scoring goals and Gracie strong in defense and passing game.

During the Women's World Cup they flew back to the USA. "We were a bit confused when Australia played the US but after that we cheered for both teams". 

''Our team is in the semis and we think we have a great chance of winning the title''.

With such enthusiasm, skill and commitment is this the triple threat needed to give their team grand final victory?

Either way, we think they will still have a good laugh.

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