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AAM Championship League Final Round Of Season 2015 - Is it a mathematical equation?

Published: 6/08/2015 3:12:00 PM
Coogee United FC look set to be officially crowned AAM Championship League Champions, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th spots look like a maths teacher's dream!

While on paper Coogee United FC have AAM Championship League First Grade tied up as League Champions, we decided to do some maths with regard to just who may be in the Top 4 on the road to Hensley Grand Finals.

Maroubra United FC v Waverley Old Boys FC

Waverley Old Boys need to win this game to overtake Phoenix FC in 4th position and win by 3 goals to take 3rd spot from Lokomotiv Cove FC. This squad is tough on any given Saturday.
Maroubra United FC need to win this game by 7 goals (allowing for Coogee to lose by 1) to win the League!!  Their second place prize winning spot however is theirs with a victory, draw or loss. Congratulations!

Dunbar Rovers FC v Pagewood Botany FC

Dunbar Rovers FC have to win against Pagewood Botany to even look at 4th spot but a win by a large margin could see anything happen to 3rd and 4th spots reliant on other results. Not sure how many would believe Dunbar do not have the grit to do this, though we do not expect Pagewood to make this game easy for them.

Glebe Wanderers FC v Coogee United

An upset by Glebe Wanderers could see anything happen to our current League leaders Coogee United, though on paper Coogee look to have a solid lead and a well earned title and would be fairly and with all probabilities, convinced of the 2015 crown! Glebe though are bound to just want a little salt added!

Phoenix FC and Lokomotiv Cove

With both Phoenix and Lokomotiv Cove having completed their First Grade rounds, it's a waiting game for these two Clubs. Am sure there will be more spectators scattered throughout the parks this Saturday! Great job by both Clubs throughout the season.

Congratulations to all AAM Championship squads for season 2015.

Best of luck to all our teams vying for top four this coming Saturday. We are sure there is some brilliant football to witness and many anxious texts to be made!!

Here's the table for you to all have your own fun mathematical equations. 


1 Coogee United FC Championship First Grade 14 9 1 4 33 14 19 28
2 Maroubra United Championship First Grade 14 7 4 3 31 20 11 25
3 Lokomotiv Cove Championship First Grade 15 6 5 4 20 16 4 23
4 Phoenix FC Championship First Grade 15 7 2 6 26 29 -3 23
5 Waverley Old Boys Championship First Grade 14 5 5 4 17 15 2 20
6 Dunbar Rovers FC Championship First Grade 14 6 2 6 31 31 0 20
7 Glebe Wanderers Championship First Grade 14 4 4 6 19 23 -4 16
8 Pagewood Botany FC Championship First Grade 14 4 1 9 21 28 -7 13
9 UNSW Championship First Grade 8 1 0 7 6 28 -22 3

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