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The Crowds Are Cheering Coming Up To Finals Series 2015

Published: 12/08/2015 12:35:00 PM

With Finals commencing shortly, it is important that all teams double check the Finals Protocol/Rules to ensure no confusion.

A reminder to all teams of the points below:

Player ID Checking
For Grand finals Players ID will be checked on the field before the game by ESFA staff or ESFA representatives. The full team must ready for identification, 10 minutes before the starting time. 

As the FMC advised earlier in the year Player ID cards are considered the primary record, however if these are not available then the printed (colour) Player ID sheets, available via MyFootballClub are acceptable.

Technical areas

Technical areas will be marked at Hensley. Coaches and Managers please stay within these areas and don't run " up & down" the sidelines.

NB Fluoro vests will be issued to Coaches/Managers who are registered as RTO's and must be worn for the duration of the game .

It is also requested that substitutes wear coloured bibs.

It is the responsibility of the home team to provide spectator ropes for their game. (ie Semi Finals)

Please Click Here for further information with regard to Finals Series and Player Eligibility.

All Finals Fixtures for this weekend (15th/16th August) have been updated and are now visible online (view by clicking on “Finals” in “Fixture/Results” in the draw) 

Best of luck to all teams taking to the parks this weekend for semi finals and to those teams in final season competition rounds still hoping to make the top four or indeed to win their League!

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