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The Week That Was - The Weekend to Come

Published: 14/08/2015 5:18:00 PM

The week that was! The weekend to come!

This week, we have seen Dunbar Rovers AAM6 and AAM7 play for the ESFA Trophy at Hensley in freezing but ideal conditions resulting in a penalty shootout and an AAM6 win! Congratulations to both teams.

We have seen catch up games played across every night for which we thank our Clubs for their tireless commitment to organising and our hard working referees for ensuring these games are played with match officials.

We have seen the top four decided in both AAM Championship First Grade and Reserve Grade. Congratulations to Coogee United for winning the First Grade League and Phoenix FC for winning the Reserve Grade League. Of course the road to Hensley is wide open with the first of the semi-finals being played Saturday at Alexandria Park and Paine Reserve.

Our AAM8, AAM6 and AAM4 Saturday Leagues are also meeting for semi-finals on the park after Easts FC won the League in both the AAM8 (Sat) and AAM4 (Sat) and Maroubra United winning the League in AAM6 (Sat).

We have seen the last of our ESFA U6s and U7s Gala Days being organised for this Saturday with Maroubra United hosting our U6s at Coral Sea and Mascot Kings hosting our U7s at L’Estrange. Lots of our youngest looking forward to fun football! Thank you once again to all involved.

We now have some semi-finals to be played over the weekend with our AAW Championship teams vying in their semi-finals after Dunbar Rovers completed their most successful season yet by winning the State Cup and the ESFA League. We also have our AAW2 playing in their semi-finals after once again, Dunbar Rovers won the League.

Some of our Juniors also begin their semi-finals with U12 Division 2 (League winners QP Xtreme Chaos), U13 Division 2 (League winners QP Man City), U15 Championship (League winners Redfern Raiders), G12 Championship (League winners Pagewood Botany Blue), G14 Championship (League winners QP United), G14 Division 2 (League winners QP Barcelona), G18 Championship (League winners Easts A) and U16 Championship (League winners Pagewood Botany Red) all playing across the weekend. Lots happening across the parks this weekend in our Junior competition.

Of course our more distinguished O45s are continuing the semi series after Pagewood Botany convincingly won the League.

Let us not forget however that we still have regular season competition games that in some instances may determine the top four finishes! We see that as football being the winner which is a great outcome for all.

Of course with all the hype of end of season, League winning and semi-finals, we can often lose our cool even when the temperatures of the day warm up. Please be sensible out there. We would prefer not to see your names on the updated attached Suspended Players List. Don’t cross the line this weekend, unless it’s with your shots.

We also ask that you check our uncovered games list. We unfortunately often hear stories where Club match officials have been less than treated kindly and as with all officials, we expect zero abuse towards any match official.  Play with your feet! Please Click Here. It is imperative you continually check over the weekend to see if there are changes to this coverage.

For all things you need to know with regard to Finals Protocol, refer to our Website. Remember the story of a couple of weeks ago about player ID? We would prefer and expect there to be no angst on the sideline and all games decided on the fields this weekend. Cries of foul should only be heard on the field (politely of course) not post match due to no ID check. Be polite, be cooperative and check each other’s cards.

With the goal now being to reach the end of the season, we would like to thank all our Clubs for their fantastic commitment to football throughout 2015 and for assisting us in netting the results we have thus far. All the best this weekend to all teams playing.

We leave you this week with the thought that no goalkeeper can jump higher than a crossbar, because crossbars can’t jump!

On behalf of all the team at ESFA

See you on the parks.

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