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The Weekend of 22nd and 23rd August, 2015 Sees Plenty of Football Action On The Parks

Published: 21/08/2015 3:14:00 PM

Finally for some of us, we are here! Semi-finals aplenty and a few pennant Grand Finals over the weekend for all Juniors, with only our O35s and AAW4 Seniors, finishing their season competition games.

We congratulate all our League Champions for season 2015. Find out who’s who by Clicking Here.

We have semis, preliminary semis, grand finals – it’s a football frenzy! Remember in Juniors football if the score is tied at full time there is extra time and golden goal applied. If no golden goal, then penalty shootout.

In seniors football, the clock keeps ticking for a further 30 minutes of extra time with no golden goal applied (there is a small break after 15 minutes to bring out the tiger balm and water bottles). If the score still remains tied, then penalty shootout it is. If a penalty shootout occurs, only the players on the field at the full time whistle are able to take the penalty kicks.

This means some action packed activities on the parks this weekend. Please be aware of all the rules associated with Finals Football as sent to all Clubs this week by our Competitions Coordinator. Remember in Juniors finals that players ‘’playing up” from lower teams, may only be used as a substitute. The intention and spirit of this rule is to avoid ‘’team stacking’’ and to help ensure players who have played all season are not left out of finals, in favour of ‘’better’’ players from a lower team. Keep the beautiful game beautiful this weekend!

We all know the importance of ID cards, especially at Finals time. Show your opposition! PDF ID sheets are acceptable as long as the team name and FFA or ESFA logo are used. Please be courteous and deferential of all. RTO’s, make sure you have your IDs as well (a printed yellow ID card). Ensure your spectators are shouting encouragement and not at your players or opposition players. Show regard to our match officials. The only fever pitch we want is the heat of the sun on the pitches! Of course this brings us to our complete infatuation with weather patterns. Yes, we have seen the warm weather of Saturday foretold (sunscreen and hydration!) and the high likelihood of rain forecast for Sunday.  We have spoken with Councils in regard to the importance of games being played. Remember the adage, anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness, has never played football in the rain! Make sure therefore your team sheets are completed prior to standing in the forecast rain as Papier Mache is not our preferred method of art. We macramé football nets! However, if Council’s do close the grounds, please keep an eye on all our wet weather formats which we will update as early as possible.

We thank all our RTO’s and coaches over the season for their commitment to task.

Our goal all season has been to have as much football played as possible. However, our Suspended Players List for this weekend unfortunately sees some players not being able to take to the field and assist us in achieving our goals, or their team’s goals. Please show some sensibility both on and off the pitches this weekend.

To check referee coverage for the weekend, please Click Here. Our match officials have worked hard all season. Remember to be part of the solution this weekend and respect!

As the sun begins to set over season 2015 and the parks empty out and goalposts are replaced for sports that we will never understand or be as passionate about, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have played, coached, managed, refereed and been part of football in the Eastern Suburbs.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work. In the words of Luis Suarez “Coaches have told me I can help the team much more if I don't talk, if I don't moan.” A quote for the weekend that we can all sink our teeth into!

Best of luck to all teams on the parks this weekend!

On behalf of all the team at ESFA,

See you on the parks.

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