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Junior Grand Finals, Senior Semis and Prelims - Season 2015!

Published: 28/08/2015 5:09:00 PM

As the footballs get placed in storage and the nets get rolled away on our Junior Competition this weekend, we look back at the season with nostalgia and pride in our youngest competitive players. For those who have won the leagues and made the grand finals, congratulations on this great achievement. For those who have taken to the fields week in and week out without the hoped success, remember it’s all about the friendships made and the beautiful game. Next season we hope to see an even larger competition within our junior ranks with the return of our familiar faces along with new players wishing to discover the real football.

We have polished and packed the trophies and medals for their journey and wish the best of luck to all our Junior teams playing at David Phillips Synthetic and Hensley Athletic Field this weekend, we trust you will enjoy your experience. We have tended to the trophies and medals with care and look forward to presenting them. Remember the best thing about team work is that you always have others on your side!

Be aware of all the rules and protocol associated with finals as sent through to Clubs in previous weeks.

ESFA staff will be on hand at all Grand Finals to check cards and collect team sheets and for all our junior players, coaches and managers to reap the reward of their season of hard work and commitment.

Our Senior Competition has finally reached its conclusion with our Over 35 men and our AAW4 playing their semi-finals this weekend and preliminary finals in our AAM divisions and AAW3. While preliminaries may be seen as win at all costs with a do or die attitude, do not forget the bigger picture of Grand Finals. We would be disappointed for any player to miss out by being added to our aSuspended Players list! Play football with your heart and your feet not with your hands or mouths, unless you’re the goalkeeper! Make sure you net your reward. Discipline in football should occur on the field, not off it.

Which leads us to referee coverage for this weekend. Please be respectful of our match officials this weekend, along with the opposition and your team mates. It has been a long season and we wish to reach the pinnacle without any further angst. Please Click Here for referee coverage.

There is no need for us to reiterate the need for correctly filled team sheets and player ID card checking all to be done prior to kick off, but funnily enough we just did! We all know the drill, we have practised it enough!

With every goal post being dismantled and line markings fading away for yet another six months, we ponder how you can’t score a goal without taking a shot!

We leave you with the always debatable words of Cristiano Ronaldo – ‘’maybe they hate me because I am too good’’.

Best of luck to all on the pitches this weekend.

On behalf of the team at ESFA,

See you on the parks.

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