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The Love Of Football Can Spread Worldwide

Published: 2/09/2015 2:24:00 PM

Clubs – where does your old gear go?

Why not turn some underpriveldged child’s football dream into reality by enabling them to wear a team kit or old boots, while playing football in Africa? Why not send your no longer used nets, corner flags, kit cones, footballs? We take it for granted that we all have footballs to kick. One football could change a child’s life. Why don’t we have an entire Eastern Suburbs Football Association African Competition, kitted out on the other side of the world?

Our friends at Lokomotiv Cove have begun this idea and wish us to spread the word in the hope that other Clubs would wish to donate to such a worthy cause. Let’s see kids in a life of poverty live through their passion and dreams of football like we do. They have packed their old gear and even had it collected by the wonderful workers, volunteers and supporters of Kick for Africa.

Football is universal. It’s called the world game, it’s called the beautiful game. Homeless and impoverished children deserve the right to smiles and if giving them our pre-loved gear we are allowing them freedom from their hardships for some moments of fun, then why would we not? If football brings kids off the streets and allows them to play Club football, then who are we to deny them what we are no longer using?

Let’s spread the love of football by spreading the love of community spirit. We never know, our dream for the game could become someone else’s reality, producing the best football player the world has seen. It won’t happen if there are no footballs to kick or boots to train in.

For more on this great program, see the Kick For Africa website or get in touch with Sporting Rovers or via Sporting Rovers Facebook Page who will be able to assist you with collection of all your gear. 

We look forward to photos of children playing in Africa kitted out in ESFA Club’s gear. 

Lokomotiv Cove have packed their bags up, will you? Time to spring clean and give hope to others.

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