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Coogee United AAM Championship Crowned FNSW Puma Champion of Champions 2015

Published: 19/10/2015 11:02:00 AM

Champion of Champions Grand Final Winners: Coogee United FC AAM Championship

To quote Football NSW “it was not always pretty’’!

Sutherland Shire Association League winners Lilli Pilli had not lost a game all season until Coogee United put a dent in that boast.

While Lilli Pilli scored within the first 8 minutes of the first half, Coogee United looked to have complete control of the game for the next 82 minutes. Not being able to convert a goal in the first half, whatever coach James Whiteford said to his team in the half time break, it worked a treat and Coogee came out looking like they had just arrived to make their own season end on a high. The physical encounters, the passes and the attempts all became more masterful.

Coogee’s support crew and fellow members of the ESFA community became more vocal until Simon Lynn scored early in the second half with an able and brilliant assist from Daniel Ferguson, to bring the score to an even 1-1.  It was only a matter of time (and very little time it was), until Coogee’s Brian Keating decided that he who rises the highest will head that ball into goal – and he did!

With Coogee now in the lead at 2-1 it became a brutal battle to stay on top with no surrender from the opposition. The game became physical with both teams attempting the upper hand (no pun intended) at every opportunity.

As the final whistle blew the Coogee bench showed just how much the victory meant with some fancy and wild victory scenes and A Capella that would put a choir to shame!

Coogee United’s victory sees the AAM Champions of Champions trophy being secured by an Eastern Suburbs Football Association team for the second consecutive year having been secured by Dunbar Rovers FC in 2014. A lot to live up to for any team striving for the same achievements in season 2016.

ESFA congratulates the 2015 League Champions, Grand Final Champions and FNSW Puma Champions of Champions! We said bring it and they did! We hope they spend their Puma gift card wisely and finally get to enjoy their end of season celebrations.

The best Association team within NSW were as follows:


Richard Knell
Ryan Goodman
Mark Sheehan
Chris Korten
Brian Keating
Craig Hall
Kevin Kelly
Daniel Rayson
Marcel Smitt-Schneewind
James Holland
Daniel Ferguson
Simon Lynn
Daniel Pyke
Chris Lynch
Nic Maplestone
Jeff Skyes

Coach:  James Whiteford
Assistant Coach:  Adam Burnett
Manager:  Nick Curtis

Postscript: Stay tuned for further details about the Over 45s Champion of Champions Grand Final which was postponed due to player eligibility. We trust Pagewood Botany FC are keeping up with their training regime in preparation of bringing another trophy back!

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