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Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory Play in 5th Annual Beyond Blue Cup

Published: 11/11/2015 3:34:00 PM

Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory Saturday 14th November, 2015 in the 5th Annual Beyond Blue Cup

Let’s talk men’s mental health for a minute. It’s ok as we are opening the dialogue. Women are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, however men are less likely to talk about it.

Statistically 1 in 8 men shall suffer from depression in their lifetimes and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety at some stage in their life. This inability to talk about it increases the risk of depression and anxiety going unrecognised and therefore untreated in men.

It is important for men from the community to realise that depression and anxiety are actually illnesses and should never be perceived as weaknesses and there are effective treatments available. Never become a victim through fear of judgement.

Depression is a high risk factor for suicide and in Australia, there are approximately 2200 suicides annually of which 80% are men. The most alarming statistic of all is that suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 44, significantly exceeding the national road toll.

So to the males of our football community, you do not need to be tough, self-reliant, able to manage pain and take charge of situations. You need to be aware of signs and physical symptoms. Loss of weight, feeling tired being moody, sad, angry or unable to concentrate for more than a couple of weeks. Loss in interest in work, sport, a lowered libido, going out or other things you used to enjoy can also be signs.

Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory will be raising awareness and funds this coming Saturday in the Beyond Blue Cup at Allianz Stadium, 7:30pm kick off.

Remember your team mates and look out for depression and anxiety amongst your mates and let’s talk more openly about men’s mental health. Like training of the body for game day, health of the mind is of equal importance.

Maybe a trip with your mates to Allianz Stadium on Saturday night will be just the outing needed and a way to support the greater community and to prove that football is more than the game itself and see Sydney FC defeat the might of Melbourne Victory!

Should anxiety or depression be affecting you or someone close to you, please contact beyondblue on 1300 224 636

Further information may be found at

Women keep talking. Men, keep talking. Let's keep the dialogue open.


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