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The Louise Mazzaroli Cup 2015

Published: 17/11/2015 11:10:00 AM

The Louise Mazzaroli Cup 15th November, 2015

While most of the eastern suburbs of Sydney experienced a deluge of precipitation on Sunday 15th November, 2015, Kik Off Centre at Frazer Park, Marrickville remained cloudy but dry. This we believe was caused by the high pressure optimism of the ESFA Over 30s women and the low pressure off the shoulders of most!

The day was all about celebrating the vision of ESFA Life Member and Hall of Fame posthumous recipient, Louise Mazzroli who devoted her time to womens football in the ESFA competition.

With 9 teams (around 70 women) present on the day from Coogee United, Dunbar Rovers, Maroubra United and Queens Park, many of whom had played with or knew Louise, the atmosphere was always going to be one of friendship, laughter and camaraderie for the common cause of promoting an over 30s womens competition in ESFA for season 2016.

Quotes from all clubs would include ‘’there should be no reason to not have an over 30s womens comp, look how many women are here!’’, ‘’why do we keep pretending that playing against 18 year olds is good for our mind, body and soul?’’, “we would be happy to start in a 5-6 team competition if this gets over 30s womens comp up and running’’. Of course our favourite quote would be ‘’what a great day!’’ which was heard on more than one occasion.

Of course it wasn’t just about charity. There was a Cup to play for. This naturally brought out the slightly competitive edge on the day however, if you show a woman silver, she will go for gold!

After 23 entertaining and often loud games, the final was to be played between Coogee United White and Dunbar Rovers White. It was a hard fought match with Dunbar going in as favourites. One must never underestimate a perceived underdog however with a hard fought 20 minutes of 5 a side football resulting in a Coogee United White’s victory 3-2 over Dunbar Rovers Whites.

It was moving to know that a member of the Coogee United team actually played with Louise which seemed to add to the reason for the day and the charitable vibe of the teams throughout the day. It was after all about charity, football and fun. Oh, with the Cup of course! We believe Louise would have been proud of the fight back from Coogee and proud of all the women from all Clubs on the day.

With winners being crowned, raffle prizes distributed and sausage sizzle consumed, we believe the push to provide the Over 30s women in ESFA their own competition for 2016, has gained momentum. We implore all Clubs to promote this in their registration drive for season 2016. Of course the best result of an Over 30s womens competition, would be for an ESFA team to represent the Association at Champions of Champions.

Of course on days like these we often have volunteers who attend for support and end up becoming part of the working crew! We would like to thank Patrick Hardy from Maroubra United for somehow being coerced into standing at a barbeque for 4 hours straight, cooking the sausages for the exhausted and often enthusiastic women! Special thank you to Mark Jumikis from Queens Park for driving to Marrickville to deliver the barbeque and to Jaleh Shafie from Queens Park and 2015 Women’s Council Chair for rustling up the sausages, rolls and onions.

ESFA would like to acknowledge our two hard working referees for the day John and George Galouzis for refereeing with good grace and humour as well as ear plugs and high skill and giving back to the charity rather than accept all the fee. We also thank them for their manual labour at the beginning and end of the tournament. Proving football really is family!

We are pleased that over $500.00 was raised to donate to Louise's charity of choice Dreams2Live4. A wonderful result from everyone's good will.

We warmly congratulate Coogee United White for winning The Louise Mazzaroli Cup for 2015 and thank all the women who played, assisted, supported and remembered. We look forward to seeing the competition fortified next year and all our fabulous over 30s ladies on the parks, aiming for League Champions!

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