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ESFA Annual General Meeting 2015

Published: 1/12/2015 3:18:00 PM

The ESFA Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 30th November, 2015.

The ESFA Board, Clubs and staff were in attendance for what was perceived as a positive review of season 2015 and acknowledgement of the further work ahead for 2016 and beyond.

President Sean Fenton thanked all those that had been involved in Season 2015 with particular reference given to the incredible growth of the ESFA Mini Roos competition, brought about by the reintroduction of Pagewood Botany FC and Queens Park FC. The ESFA community agreed this was a positive and important step toward the future of ESFA and Eastern Suburbs football.

Sean also acknowledged the hard work of the referees in 2015 and the need for Clubs to further support the retention and recruitment of referees for 2016 to enable the coverage and quality to improve.

Recognition was given to the ESFA Grand Finals series professionalism and the need to focus resources on growing Junior football in the ESFA competition. 

Due to the growth of ESFA over the coming season and through discussions with Club Presidents and Sean Fenton as ESFA Presidents Forums held over 2015, new staff are to be employed in the role of Mini Roos Competition Coordinator and Coaching Technical Director. Both these roles are seen as paramount in moving the ESFA competition forward and allowing Clubs to make use of ESFA expertise rather than implementing their own programs which only adds to more responsibility on Club volunteers. Both these roles have been interviewed and new staff members shall be announced shortly and we look forward to advising all our members of the expectations of these staff members and current staff members for season 2016.

Each Board Member spoke to their reports written for the ESFA 2015 Annual Report. We invite all ESFA players, coaches, referees, managers and Club officials to browse the report for clarity of ESFA financials and all things competition. The ESFA Annual Report can be found HERE

ESFA Life Member Sean Fenton was once again declared President of ESFA and we look forward to his continuation of leadership to the Board and the ESFA member Clubs.

As a mark of respect, a minutes silence was held in recognition of the passing of Maroubra United Over 45s player, Tony Parramore on 26th November, 2016. All thoughts were given to his family and friends.

Nominations were received for Senior Football Director and Coaching Director, with Jaleh Shafie becoming the new Senior Football Director and Mark Puterflam returned as Treaurer. With no nominations received for Junior Football Director after Ron Ogilvie elected to not stand again nor Director of Mini Roos after David Owens vacated the position, the Board will now be charged with filling that role. We thank Ron for his four hardworking years of continual commitment to Junior football and his incredible passion to move ESFA forward. We also thank David Owens for stepping into the casual vacancy of Small Sided Football Director (please note name change of role for 2016 as voted by Clubs) during a year that was of incredible significance and importance for Mini Roos football. Both Board Directors should be congratulated on their achievements. The ESFA Board is charged with filling the two vacancies.

The ESFA Board for 2016 currently stands as follows:

  • President:  Sean Fenton
  • Treasurer:  Mark Puterflam
  • Mini Roos Football Director:  Casual Vacancy
  • Junior Football Director:  Casual Vacancy
  • Senior Football Director:  Jaleh Shafie
  • Technical Development and Coaching Director:  Dr Andrew Field
  • Director:  Paul Kelly
  • Director:  John Clayton

The AGM provided the opportunity for the Ted Simmons Junior Football Medal to be awarded. ESFA and ESFARB life member Ted Simmons was in attendance to proudly award the medal to Marc Flior from Easts FC for outstanding services to Mini Roos football, particularly at the Queens Park Hub. We congratulate Marc for his commitment to task and his heavy work load behind the scenes in ensuing that the implementation of Mini Roos Hubs and massive growth of player numbers was implemented as wisely and smoothly as possible. Ted Simmons acknowledged that to receive this accolade from his peers was recognition that Marc had gone above and beyond expectations.

The work does not cease and we envisage an even more highly successful 2016 season through the cooperation of the Board, Football Management Councils, Referees Branch, Clubs and ESFA administration. We acknowledge we have come a distance with further inroads to take.

We thank all our Member Clubs’ volunteers at administration level, players, coaches and managers for their commitment to the ESFA Competition in season 2015 and look forward to seeing an increased number on the parks in season 2016.

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