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ESFARB Look Toward Continual Education and Upgrade Of Referees

Published: 2/02/2016 3:24:00 PM

On Saturday 30th January, 2016 ESFA Referees Branch ran a Level 3 Referee Course for referees 16 years and above interested in upgrading their referee qualifications.

The Course was run by ESFARB Branch Coach John Garcia, ESFARB Technical Officer, Jack Bell and special guest Canterbury and Districts Soccer Referees Referee Development Officer, Anthony Mansour.

The Course was held at Hugh Dixson Theatre in the grounds of UNSW and was highly attended, with 17 referees wishing to follow the FFA referee pathway to higher education. This commitment will see referee quality equal to the increasing quality of the ESFA competition.

We asked ESFARB Branch Coach and NPL referee John Garcia, the importance of ensuring courses and higher education sessions are continually made available to ESFA referees.

“The RMC (Referees Management Committee) are committed to not only increasing the quantity of referees in ESFA, but also the quality. As the standard of the ESFA competition improves, so must our referees.

It is for this reason the RMC were keen to provide our referees the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications and improve their knowledge and understanding of the Laws of The Game.

The course was run by three very experienced and knowledgeable instructors and it was my pleasure be one of them. I’m happy to say all participants performed well, with some performing above expectations.

It is my hope that this course will encourage these referees to continue to improve themselves and give them the tools to do so.”

Arthur Kringas, ESFARB Chairman advised the importance of continued education to be provided for ESFA referees through the Level 3 and Level 4 courses being held preseason as well as the monthly Branch Meetings held. Arthur believes the training will assist referees both junior and senior to understand and learn the Laws of The Game, giving them further confidence in the control of games and situations that arise from difficult decisions through to player management.

ESFA Referees Branch are committed to availing the ESFA competition of quantity and quality of referees for season 2016.

With Level 4 (entrance) course registrations filling up fast, for further information on becoming a referee and joining ESFA Referees Branch, please contact Caroline Oakes-Ash, ESFA Referees Coordinator.

We ask all players within the ESFA competition to consider becoming a referee for season 2016.


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