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WOB 5 A Side Charity Day Brings The Best Out of Our Football Community

Published: 23/02/2016 2:54:00 PM

ESFA Referees Branch were proud to offer their services gratis, all for a worthy cause for Waverley Old Boys Gala Charity Day on Sunday 21st February, 2016.

Upon reading about the event and the short, sweet life of Olivia Dahdah, ESFA Referees Branch Chairman Arthur Kringas was affected emotionally by the bravery of the family and became instrumental in the cause to supply referees at no cost as contribution to the event. The referees were also stirred by the circumstances and more than willing in their desire and honour in assisting in respect of the cause.

When the weather turned nasty on Sunday morning it threatened to end the charitable leanings of Waverley Old Boys Charity Gala Day with the closure of Centennial Park. Quick thinking from WOB volunteers, saw the event moved to the brand new synthetic pitch at Moore Park. A great opportunity for all to experience the new facilities.

Deborah and David Dahdah, parents of baby Olivia raising funds for In Memory Of Olivia Dahdah, Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation and an integral part of the organising committee of the event, were grateful for the assistance of both ESFA and the ESFA Referees Branch on the day. Six of our referee community donated their time to the event and were embraced by both Deborah and David for their generosity of spirit and we thank Deborah profusely for looking after our referees so well, along with the rest of Waverley Old Boys and the football community.

What ended up becoming an extremely hot day with the sun at its harshest at around 3:00pm, did not deter the players, volunteers, special guests or referees from coming together as a community to embrace the event. Football is family and comprised of not only players, coaches and managers, also the referees.

We commend Arthur Kringas, Franco Soliman, John Galouzis, George Galouzis, Mark Jumikis and Conrad Burrows from the ESFA Referees Branch, for being generous of nature and spirit and we thank the organisers of the event for looking after the referees so well throughout the afternoon. They rarely rested and were professional and respectful in their role for the day.

The event successfully raised $3,000.00 which is a brilliant effort by all.

We wish David and Deborah Dahdah all the very best for the future.

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