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ESFA Referees Branch Preseason Seminar 2016

Published: 22/03/2016 11:22:00 AM

On Saturday 19th March, 2016 ESFA Referees Branch held their Annual Preseason Seminar at Little Bay.

The Branch members were privileged to have three special guest speakers.

Chris Young – Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association Branch Coach and Technical Committee Chairperson, A-League 4th Official, NPL NSW Mens 1 referee.

Adam Susz – Former ESFA Competition player, NPL NSW Mens 1, appointed member of the Football NSW Referees Advisory Panel and FNSW State League Football Referees Treasurer.

Katie Patterson – the first female referee to be to officiate an A-League team when Melbourne Victory played Rockdale City Suns in the FFA Cup in 2015, W-League referee and appointed member of the Football NSW Referees Advisory Panel.

The ESFARB referees were educated and guided with all matters refereeing and ESFA competition with question and answer time being successful in the mentoring of our current referees.

For our incredibly strong number of new and returning junior female referees, the chance to listen to Katie during her presentation and a further chance for some one on one opportunities to discuss concerns, was paramount to their confidence and their knowledge of the referee pathways available to them. ESFARB are committed to the goal of future AAW Championship Grand Finals being officiated solely by female referees. With the ESFARB Branch Coach John Garcia and Technical Committee Member Jack Bell and further chances of mentoring from Katie, ESFA Referees Branch believe this goal is achievable. 

Our newest young female referees all come from a playing background with many from representative football leval and Katie believes that knowledge of the game, will allow them to be successful referees on the field. 

We look forward to further coaching visits from Katie during the season to enable our female referees to seek advice and guidance from a highly successful and respected, female referee perspective. 

Chris, Adam and Katie were warmly received by our referees and we thank them for their time given to ESFARB on a sunny autumn Saturday to further facilitate in the ongoing education of our ESFA referees.

The ESFARB Management Committee worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the Seminar was successful to all in attendance and along with the Referees Coordinator, are confident that those present increased their knowledge in the LOTG as well as new regulations with regard to the ESFA Competition.

Looking toward Season 2016, the ESFARB referees have the opportunity to attend monthly technical sessions with guest speakers at Branch Meetings and we trust that all our referees will avail themselves of these sessions.

When season 2016 commences on April 2nd, 2016 we welcome our newest Branch members to our parks with the respect that should be acknowledged them.

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