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4th and 5th June, 2016 - When The Weather Became Football's Nemesis

Published: 6/06/2016 12:08:00 PM

Let’s do some stats.

We were halfway through the season for most and we had lost very few fixtures due to rain.

The weekend of 4th and 5th June, 2016 saw winds of up to 94 kmph and a total rainfall over the two days of 158.2mm. The average rainfall for the entire month of May, 2016 was 7.2mm and the entire month of April was 155mm. Football had mostly been the winner up until now!

The result of the adverse weather conditions was that we had a grand total of 9 games played over the Saturday and Sunday, thanks to synthetic pitches. However, even the synthetic pitches could not completely hold up and were closed throughout the days. All grass pitches were closed. We will be studying with interest if there has been any long term effects to the parks with many night games scheduled prior to the weekend for the week coming.

Friday night had seen some football action for our Womens Cup and O45s, with both games being played with the weather showing its impending force. The lightning rule ended up being applied to both games however, the amount of game played saw a result in both and probably a sigh of relief to go how to dry clothes!

We salute our players, referees (especially the AR on AAM Championship fixtures who for a grand total of $52.00 spent 4 hours in the rain and wind) and broken umbrellas and wet weather jacket protected spectators, who enjoyed their football in atmospheric wonder! We will not blame the weather for any of the results of the weekend.

All fixtures not played over the weekend, shall be moved to our next available wet weather weekend. Information will be forwarded to Clubs shortly. Stay tuned.

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