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8 Team Senior Competition Finals Series

Published: 1/08/2016 1:48:00 PM

Our 8 team senior competitions finals series have been decided as per below:

8-Team Senior Competitions: AAM1, AAM2, AAM4, AAM6 (Sat)

Following Round 14 there will a seeded draw for 3 more games. 
Teams 1 to 4 will play each other once and teams 5 to 8 will play each other once. 
All points etc will be carried forward. Following Round 17 the top team amongst Teams 1 to 4 will be declared Premiers and the Top 4 will remain in those positions subject to the new points totals. 
The team from Positions 5-8 with the most points after Rd 17 will be ranked 5th (regardless if they have more points than a team or teams in the Top 4) and qualify for the finals.

The finals format will be over 4 weeks, starting 14th August.

Week 1 
Game A: Elimination Final Rank 4 v Rank 5
Game B: Qualifying Final Rank 2 v Rank 3
Week 2
Game C: 1st Semi Final Loser B v Winner A
Game D: 2nd Semi Final Rank 1 v Winner B
Week 3
Game E: Preliminary Final Loser D v Winner C
Week 4
Game F: Grand Final Winner D v Winner E

Therefore congratulations to the top 5 of each division in their quest in the finals series.

1st: South East 
2nd: Coogee 
3rd: Queens Park 
4th: Dunbar 
5th: Barnstoneworth

1st: Coogee 
2nd: Dunbar 
3rd: Redfern 
4th: Barnstoneworth 
5th: Maccabi

1st: Coogee 
2nd: Dunbar
3rd: Easts
4th: Maccabi
5th: Heffron

AA6 Saturday comp has their wet weather weekend prior to decisions!

Best of luck to all.

(draw will be updated by 3:00pm 1st August, 2016)

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