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Senior Only Referee Course 2017

Published: 24/01/2017 10:04:00 AM

Sunday 22nd January ESFA appreciated one of the best group of up and coming referees at the ESFA seniors only referee course, held through the ESFA Referees Branch. The class mainly consisted of players from within the ESFA clubs who wished to give back to the game through refereeing and those who no longer played and wanting to continue their love of the game.

Their enthusiasm, commitment to task, willingness to learn and cooperation in making a long day feel not so long after all, was well received by our three instructors on the day; Level 2 referees Jack Bell and John Garcia and Level 3 referee Kirsty Clee who have all been on the parks of the ESFA Competition for many seasons.

The curriculum was embraced and the quizzes were a hit to assist in reinforcing the units taught, in a fun and competitive way, with the Offside team of four winning the quiz team of the day! The ongoing discussion assisted our enrolled students to fully understand the Laws Of The Game, updated with changes to the Laws of The Game and understand the scenarios that may occur when on the fields of the ESFA competitive matches.

The practical sessions reinforced the necessity of knowing the correct signals and the importance of fitness to ensure the ability to keep up with the flow of play.

“Really well run course; gave a great understanding of the laws as a ref and player.”

“Happy with all information given and learned more than I thought I could.”

We wish to thank our instructors for their time and dedication to the course to recruit further for ESFA Referees Branch and our appreciation to all those who attended.

We look forward to observing our new Level 4 accredited referees on the parks during the upcoming winter competition season and thank them for smiling broadly by the end of the day!

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