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Test Your Knowledge of Laws Of The Game Changes For The Beautiful Game For 2017

Published: 28/03/2017 5:06:00 PM

It’s time to test your knowledge of Laws of The Game changes to be introduced to the ESFA Competition in 2017.

Our referees have been educated, tested and trained in the updated LOTG changes, but just how many were you aware of?

Time to familiarise yourself with LOTG changes rather feel any frustration or need to question, during round 1.

Click here for a summary of Laws of The Game Changes available in the ESFA Library.

To help you in your continual understanding of football, FFV produced a video explaining the Law Changes briefly. You can watch the video here. Please note however that the matching tape on socks, does not apply to the ESFA Competition.

If you are looking for any further information regarding LOTG changes, please email

I suspect however for the most part, we are all just happy we can kick backwards at kick off, however we all need to be knowledgeable of the changes. 

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