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Competitive Football - No Card No Play 2017

Published: 6/04/2017 3:34:00 PM


Don’t get caught out! Forfeits and fines will apply!

Season 2017, Clubs have been advised for many weeks leading up to the commencement, that the Competition Rules have changed and would be strictly enforced.

If a player does not have an ID Card (no PDF ID Sheet with the exception of use for a borrowed player), then they cannot take the pitch. A reminder therefore in an 11 v 11 game, that a game may go ahead with a minimum of seven (7) players.

We advised all clubs last week that cards were available for collection from the ESFA office for players that were approved and allocated by Wednesday 29th March, 2017. We then allowed further late registrations to come in and still printed the cards. Talk on the parks of “ESFA did not give us our cards” is not based on fact, as demonstrated by the photo of all printed cards ready for round 1.

We remind our teams of the following Relevant Rules from Schedule C Winter Competition Rules:

8.3 Player Cards (B) where an individual player registered in a participating team is unable to provide a player card, that player shall be deemed ineligible and not permitted to take the field.

10.3 Misconduct (B) Misconduct shall be defined to include the following: vi) deliberate use of ineligible players.

11.6 Forfeits and Walk Offs (D) Where a Club has been found to play an ineligible player under these rules (Schedule C), the result of the match shall be deemed a forfeit in all circumstances.

Some Clubs from Round 1 have been deemed as forfeiting games through playing of ineligible players. Referee reports, incident reports and ESFA reports have been used to determine this.

It should also be noted that opposing Clubs who do not check cards or allow players without cards to play before subsequently requesting to review cards will be subjected to penalties including fines.

There is no longer a grace period until half-time for the late arrival of cards. Should a team be unable to produce cards for 7 eligible players, they will be entitled to an additional 10 minutes only [see Rule 11.6 (B)].

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