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ESFA Mens Trophy Final 2017

Published: 2/08/2017 8:44:00 AM

ESFA Knockout Competition Mens Trophy Final promises to see pride on the line.

Tonight our last ESFA Knockout Competition final will be held at Hensley Field with kick off at 7:00pm.

Are the 2017 AAM6 League Champions, Coogee United able to triumph over the higher League AAM5 Dunbar Rovers, or will Dunbar take home the trophy? 

With Coogee United looking to secure their first ESFA Mens Trophy following on from their ESFA Mens Cup victory, Dunbar Rovers are seeking a hat trick with their third consecutive victory in the Knockout Competition.  

ESFA Mens Trophy history will be made by one of these clubs.

The Trophy has been polished and the medals are ready. All we need is to sit back and watch the display of quality football.

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