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2018 ESFA Board

Published: 6/12/2017 12:07:00 PM

At the AGM on Monday 27th November, it was announced that there had been no nominations for the positions of President, Treasurer, MiniRoos Director and Junior Football Director.

In accord with clause 16.3 (b), if there are insufficient nominations the positions were deemed casual vacancies. Under clause 17.1, the Board may then fill the positions.

The Board has since met and considered a number of people to fill different roles.

The first order of business was to appoint a President. Scott Sadler resigned from his position as Director, and the remaining Directors appointed him to fill the casual vacancy as President.

The Board then agreed to appoint Richard Baldwin to the position of Director.

John Harris resigned from the position of Director and the Board agreed to appoint him to the position of Treasurer.

The Board has also agreed to appoint Roy Belcher to the position of Director, and Ian Robinson to the position of MiniRoos Director.

The Board is now as follows:

President: Scott Sadler

Treasurer: John Harris

MiniRoos Director: Ian Robinson

Junior Football Director: casual vacancy

Senior Football Director: Jaleh Shafie

Director of Technical Development and Coaching: Andrew Field

Director: Richard Baldwin

Director: Roy Belcher

There remains a casual vacancy in the position of Junior Football Director, and the Board continues to consider its options for this vacancy.

The Board has also agreed that there should be a review of our various committee structures and will seek both independent advice and feedback from stakeholders. If this review recommends changes to the Board structures or other changes that require constitutional changes, these will be put to the membership in a special general meeting.

In the meantime, the Board is ensuring that work continues in preparation for the 2018 winter season.

We wish everyone a happy and restful summer break!

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