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Saturday 24th February 2018 Level 4 Referee Course

Published: 26/02/2018 2:07:00 PM

Saturday 24th February, 2018 Level 4 Referees Course

Our first open course for Juniors and Seniors was held on a hot day at Matraville High School, with 30 registered students in attendance.

Our referees were taken through the Laws Of The Game after completing an online exam, player management, Assistant Referee flag work and whistle work. An appreciative thank you to our Instructor, Anthony Kabbout.

All our future match officials were eager, asked relevant questions and are ready to take to the parks in season 2018. With all new match officials however, we remind our Clubs to ensure coaches/RTOs, spectators and parents are respectful always. Like players learning the game, our referees need encouragement.

Referees are offered weekly training upon registering and we hope all our future referees will take advantage of this to ensure they further educate themselves to be the best they can be, as well as attendance at the Preseason Seminar and Branch Meetings.

With one more Preseason course on 11th March, which is now at capacity, we will look to run another course early in the season. Please complete an EOI if wishing to be involved.

We thank all our new match officials for their cooperation on the day. May we say, that they are the best group we have had in the whistle work component! You will hear them all soon.


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