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ESFA Annual General Meeting 2018

Published: 28/11/2018 9:46:00 AM


Monday 26th November 2018 ESFA held our Annual General Meeting, hosted by our partners Ultra Football.

The ESFA President Scott Sadler welcomed all members in attendance and recognised the hard work of our clubs and volunteers in 2018. The ESFA Board have worked hard behind the scenes, along with the office, to ensure the season was a successful one.

Scott highlighted the triumph of Coogee United AAM Championship, Dunbar Rovers O35 and Dunbar Rovers AAW Championship at the Football NSW Champion of Champions. It is notable that ESFA was the Association with the most victories on the day. Considering the size of ESFA compared to other associations, this proves the quality of football in our senior competitions.

Scott updated members on the ongoing process of formulating a business plan based on feedback received from clubs through the surveys sent during 2018. This business plan is being formulated by the ESFA office and the Board and will be forwarded to clubs along with a strategy plan being worked through by three members of the Board. It is a strong belief that if nothing changes, nothing changes and the ESFA community as a whole, which includes clubs, the Board and the office all need to be kicking the ball towards the same goal and not against each other.

John Harris, ESFA Treasurer addressed the Financial Report in the ESFA Annual Report 2018 and reported to members that the Association had posted a loss for 2018. This loss was the first in seven years and was due largely to a fall in revenue owing to a drop in player numbers, along with ESFA’s decision prior to the season to absorb a rise in insurance costs from Football NSW rather than passing it onto players. John advised members ESFA had budgeted to be back in surplus in 2019 thanks largely to significantly reduced costs related to summer football.

Elections were conducted and the following candidates were declared elected:

·        Director Senior Football – Jaleh Shafie

·        Director Technical and Coaching – Dr Andrew Field

·        Director – Roy Belcher

·        Director – Richard Baldwin

All four candidates were re-elected to their positions, giving continuity to the ESFA Board.  The complete eight-member Board for 2019 is as follows:

·        President – Scott Sadler

·        Treasurer – John Harris

·        Director Technical and Coaching – Dr Andrew Field

·        Director Senior Football – Jaleh Shafie

·        Director Junior Football – Julia Chernoukha

·        Director MiniRoos Football – Ian Robinson

·        Director – Roy Belcher

·        Director – Richard Baldwin

Members discussed a proposal to dissolve the Ground Development Trust Fund and return the accumulated funds to members.

After a healthy floor debate, a presentation of ESFA Facilities Report 2018 and an assurance that an updated facilities report will be presented each year outlining our progress, Mr Walker withdrew his motion.

Members encouraged ESFA to look to increase its influence through meeting and engaging with local, State Politicians and Federal Politicians to seek their assistance to realise the goal of an ESFA home of football to benefit all within the ESFA community.

With no further business, the Board and members settled in to dinner, enjoying a more social aspect of the football family.

All of us at ESFA look forward to working together as a united football community in 2019. 

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