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3500 Grassroots Level Referees Leave The Game Australia Wide Annually

Published: 15/03/2019 2:08:00 PM

We shared an article on our Facebook Page during the week, written by Simon Hill for Fox Sports, regarding Australia’s football referee shortage. Once you read this, the football community as one should commence positive discussions.

FFA have confirmed almost 3500 grassroots football referees leave the game yearly due to abuse. The article is critical of the global “ingrained cultural problem” within football. While we may not all agree, the fact is, referees leave the game and without retainment, recruitment doesn’t solve the problem.

Unfortunately ESFA on a yearly basis, lose progressive and talented young referees, due to abuse.

RTOs should be aware of responsibilities and for those parks who do have ground marshals available, we thank those volunteers for ensuring football is always the winner.

Control of spectators should be to prevent any disturbance amongst its spectators and to generally assist the match officials (i.e. Referees and Assistant Referees) or ESFA Staff in the preservation of order and good discipline at any match, prior to, during and after that said match.

Always remember that before, during and after the match no person other than the designated RTO may approach a Referee. The RTO is responsible for the reasonable welfare of the officiating Referee and Assistant Referees from the time they arrive at the ground to the time they depart.

While we ask that our football community all help us in our ongoing work to retain referees, we also ask that you assist us with completing our referee feedback form which allows us to know when our referees are doing a great job or equally needing further guidance. Would be excellent if each team could complete this on a regular basis. 

With over 40 brand new and excited junior referees set to take to our parks this season, we will guide them with further education and branch meetings and look forward to seeing them all on the parks. We thank all our Clubs for looking after them. We have some new seniors commencing with us also.

To end on a fun and positive note, we have put together a quiz we shared with our referees and hope to do so throughout the season. Only a couple of questions thus far and no data is retained (or indeed comes to us), making it totally anonymous! 

Give it a go and test the LOTG knowledge.

To turn this trend around, let’s keep the discussion open ….

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