A Letter From ESFA General Manager Regarding COVID-19

This correspondence was forwarded to all Clubs.

Dear Club Representatives,

Attached is an update from FNSW CEO Stewart Hodge articulating actions re: football and the effects that Coronavirus has and could have. There will be further communications coming out tomorrow. Also the Football NSW Association Standing Committee (of which we are participants) will be meeting tonight to discuss the approach specifically to grassroots football.

Please click here for FNSW update.

ESFA is working with FNSW and FFA to understand what the competition will look like moving forward – with both the Senior Competition Manager and Junior Competition Manager currently working on multiple scenarios. Please note as the authorities have stated – things could change quite quickly, but at the same time to treat things as normal as possible (I know it sounds contradictory ). Please pass this communication on to your members, as well as any other updates provided by ESFA. I would also ask all members to add ESFA via Facebook as it will lessen the reliance on Club volunteers to pass on communications.

In the FFA Press conference today it was stated that for football to continue only essential participants should attend i.e. players, coaches, referees, volunteers. Of course for Juniors and MiniRoos parents will also be in the equation. No participants that are high risk should attend. Also note the three points raised in the FFA’s press conference:

  • Actions before participating;
  • Organisation i.e. for training and games;
  • Avoid the spread of the virus.

I will also be updating the relevant LGA representatives of our current situation and will try and work with them on your behalf to work through various scenarios.

Kind regards

Bill Kostandas
General Manager
Eastern Suburbs Football Association

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