Become a Referee

Become a Referee

How would you like the best seat in the house and be closest to the action?

Why become a referee?

  • A great way to keep fit.
  • Love the game and no longer play.
  • A casual job where you get paid twice a month (more frequently than some other employers)
  • Love the game and still want to play.

ESFA is always looking for more referees as we have more matches than available referees.

How do you become a referee?

1.  Laws of the Game
The first step is to complete the free Laws of the Game online learning module.

This module takes you through the Laws (1 to 17) and gives you a basic introduction of the Laws of football.

While the module is primarily aimed at those who want to become a referee, it is also a valuable learning tool for coaches, parents and players who simply want to gain a better understanding of the Laws of the Game.

Click here to register.

2.  2020 Level 4 Referee courses

After you complete the Laws of the Game you can register for a Level 4 Referee course.

There is a fee associated with attending this course.  For 2020 this fee is $60 which includes Laws of the Game book and whistle.

Each course includes practical and classroom sessions.

Note – you need your FFA number and email address as held in FFA’s national registration system.  If you have an FFA number starting with “1” you may need to follow additional instructions to assist with the course registration – click here for those instructions.

If you have issues registering for a course you will need to contact the PlayFootball support team.  Contact details are at PlayFootball.

All courses for 2020 have been completed and there are no current courses being run by ESFA at this time. Please refer to Play Football to ascertain whether courses are being run in neighbouring areas.

3.  Register as an active referee

After completing the Level 4 Referee course you need to register as a referee with ESFA  Registering with ESFA allows you to be appointed to matches locally within the Eastern Suburbs.

There is a fee associated with registering as a referee which includes FFA/FNSW fees (including insurance cover), flags, notebook and cards.  Your uniform is ordered through ESFA and is paid for on collection.

Information about how to register will be provided to you after you have completed the Level 4 Referee course.

4.  Time to get onto the field

Once your registration has been approved you will be asked to register in our appointments system which allows us to assign you to matches as either a referee or assistant referee.

The number of matches you are appointed to is dependent on your availability.  If you restrict where and when you can referee this will impact on the number of matches you can be appointed to.

Please contact your club to become a referee via the link below.

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