Boys’ Youth League (NPL BYL)

ESFA supports our young members to strive and play at the highest level.

With the relationship between ESFA and Sydney FC in place, our SAP (u9-u12) players are scouted to play with the Sydney FC Youth Academy.  Other opportunities for player pathways within the Eastern Suburbs are also available through NPL Clubs in the Metro East area.

Boys Youth League incorporates the fundamental principles of the Skills Acquisition phase of the FFA National Curriculum for U13 players and the Game Training phase of the FFA National Curriculum for U14, U15 and U16 players.

Below are listed the clubs based in the Eastern Suburbs and the competitions they in which they competed in 2020:

  • Hakoah Sydney City East: National Premier League Men’s 2, National Premier League Youth (Tier 1)
  • Sydney University: National Premier League Men’s 3, National Premier League Youth (Tier 2)
  • Dunbar Rovers NPL: National Premier League Men’s 3, National Premier League Youth (Tier 2)
  • UNSW FC: National Premier League Men’s 4, National Premier League Youth (Tier 2)

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