Hall of Fame

The Board of Directors established the ESFA Hall of Fame in 2005 to recognise non-players and players for their contribution to the sport at a club level.

Hall of Fame candidates are considered annually by the Board via club nomination.

The award recognises a performance that is beyond what would be expected of players or non-players. It recognises a non-player whose contribution has been above what would normally be expected of someone in a particular field or activity.

It can recognise those persons whose contributions have been selfless in the department of football in the Eastern Suburbs from the grass roots level upward, and who have earned the admiration and respect of those around them for their contribution to the community of football

Inductees into the ESFA Hall of Fame:

Andrew Field player / administration / coaching

John Reid administration / coaching

Pam Chow administration

Mick Vasin player / administration

John Nesbit administration

Charlie Davidson coaching

Jim Zammit administration

Tony Pengue administration

Peter Grunfeld administration

Michael Lazarides administration

George Lundy coaching / administration

Ron Hoenig administration

Simon Phillips administration

Con Pavlou administration

Frank Friedman administration

Louise Mazzarolirefereeing / women’s football

Roy Belcher administration

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