About ESFA

The Eastern Suburbs Football Association Inc. (ESFA) is the delegated authority governing football in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. ESFA aims to develop football for the entire community; irrespective of age, colour, gender and disability.

ESFA represents the largest active sports community in the Eastern Suburbs. We promote, manage and regulate the game within our region and assist to enhance, develop and grow the world game of association football, at all levels, in Australia.

ESFA continues to increase participation in football across the various sections of the game and provide opportunities for all participants, including; players, coaches and referees to compete locally, regionally, nationally and on the world stage.

Our Mission

To be the leading sporting body in the Eastern Suburbs, developing football for all.

  • Promote equity – everyone should have access to football and we should aim to include all who want to play.
  • Improve the quality of coaching, players, referees and facilities.
  • Build our position in the community to ensure our profile and community standing are commensurate with our numerical strength.
  • Grow the game, bringing players to our sport.
  • Develop alternative funding sources to improve the sustainability of the association while keeping the financial burden on participants manageable.

Our Corporate Values

These are integral to the success of ESFA and underpin the processes within the sport that help to identify the aspirations of all participants as they make their contributions to football in the Eastern Suburbs. Our corporate values remain:

Diversity and Respect

ESFA is an inclusive organisation respectful of boys and girls, women and men, coaches, referees, club officials and volunteers involved in various aspects of the sport and offers opportunities for those wanting to realise their potential through the world game.

Objectivity and Transparency

Participants will from time to time express differing opinions and seek clarification or change on a range of issues. We ensure ESFA has transparent policies, processes and guidelines to enable a supportive and effective response for a fair and reasonable resolution.


ESFA provides support for all participants and is here to enable and facilitate participation in our sport.


Staff, committee members and Directors of ESFA execute their responsibilities and provide services in a timely, polite and professional manner.

Excellence with integrity

Be the best we can in all communication and deeds with all participants and work with integrity to sustain a safe and responsible environment


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