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The ESFA minis program is an exciting, accessible, and inclusive soccer program for young children in the Eastern Suburbs. The program aims to actively enhance communication skills and social interaction, develop balance & movement as well as be highly enjoyable for both the children and the coaches alike. Over the course of the classes, your child will learn how to move with the soccer ball, change direction & speed, pass & control the soccer ball, and of course, score plenty of goals!

We have devised an age-appropriate, preschool soccer-specific curriculum that will introduce your child into the world of soccer through a range of activities and fun-based games designed to stimulate a child's imagination and develop basic motor skills that are essential for playing soccer, among other sports and activities.

Each session is staffed by enthusiastic, professional coaches trained specifically to engage and motivate children ages 2-6 years, ensuring that they are learning the basic principles of soccer, as well as enjoying the game in a safe and fun environment. We pride ourselves on providing sessions which promote the FUNdamentals of soccer!

Minis 2-3.5 years
Introducing children to the world of soccer in an active and social learning environment. Here the children will develop their functional movements and coordination by running, dribbling, crawling, climbing, jumping and balancing. Their social skills will be accelerated by engaging with other children, learning to take turns, and listening to the instructions of the coach. Furthermore, they will gain an understanding of being rewarded with praise when they find any success within the class such as scoring a goal, following the right instructions, sharing with their peers, and completing the full class.

Minis 3.5-5 years
At this age, children will start being challenged more on the fundamentals of soccer such as passing, tackling and using specific parts of their feet. They will gradually start to be introduced to more competitive style games including tackling and tag games.

Children will be introduced to the competitive side of soccer with matches, tackling individually & as a group and teamwork games. Following the FFA curriculum we base these sessions on improving the 4 core skills of soccer: 1v1, running with the ball, striking the ball and first touch done with fun, inclusive games suitable for all abilities.

Beyond ESFA Minis
Our fundamental aim is to increase the number of children playing and enjoying football at the grassroots level, where they develop a real love for the game. Once children are old enough, they will be encouraged to join local teams within the Eastern Suburbs where they can begin with a base skill level and understanding of how to play the game. Our vision is that long term, soccer in the Eastern Suburbs has higher rates of both participation and player retention and that the level overall is higher throughout all ages, genders and grades. This will furthermore have a positive impact on all levels of coaching, where more session time can be spent working on the tactical elements of the game.


Grant Reserve, Beach Street, Coogee Beach
Friday 3rd May – Friday 5th July (10 weeks)


Ages 2 - 3.5 years: 9.30am-10.15am

Ages 3.5 - 5 years: 10.15am-11.00am

Fridays – $220 (10 weeks)

For all enquiries please contact:


Amber: "The curriculum is great and age appropriate- but specifically Coach Rio's efforts with the kids, her demeanour and approach, is fantastic. She always amazes us with her ability to keep the attention of the children, and how she finds ways to bring their individual focus back to the activity at hand. Further, her patience with them seems unwavering. They’ve made awesome progress this term and it’s great to watch them score goals without using their hands, and attempt tackles."

Terms & Conditions

Enrolments and Payment
- All enrolment enquiries must be sent to
- Classes run in line with NSW school terms and enrolments are made for the entire term i.e 10 weeks.
- If you sign up mid-term, you will be invoiced for the remaining weeks for that term.
- Once you have been offered a spot in a class, you will need to make full payment before that spot is confirmed.
- You will be sent an invoice to be paid within 12 hours before that spot will be offered to someone else.

Free Trials
- All new minis registrations are eligible for a free trial.
- Free trial requests must be confirmed via email.

Casual Classes
- If you are unable to commit to a full term you may be able to attend classes on a casual basis.
- Casual classes may only be booked two days before the desired class.
- Your casual booking is only made upon email confirmation .
- Unfortunately you will not be guaranteed a spot in a class if you can only attend casually where full-term bookings take priority.

Wet Weather
- In the event of light rain we will endeavour to keep sessions running.
- In the event of heavy rain or storms we will cancel all sessions advising by text message.
- In the event of field closures (decided by Randwick Council) as a result of wet weather we will cancel all sessions advising by text message.

Making up Cancelled/Missed Sessions
- If you are unable to attend a session, you must advise by text or email prior to the class being missed.
- Any class missed or cancelled can be made up on another day of the week i.e. if you cant make a Monday class one week, you will be able to make it up on a
- Thursday (subject to availability)
- All sessions missed must be made up within that school Term and cannot be carried over into the following term.

Marketing/Media/Photograph/Video Policy
- You give consent for ESFA to take photographs or videos of your child which may be used for business, marketing, social media and/or other publicity use.

Cancellation and Refund

- If a term booking needs to be cancelled due to serious illness/injury you must supply a medical certificate.

- Credit notes are available if you need to cancel for other reasons.

- We offer no refunds for enrolments cancelled unless cancellation is made more than 1 week before the first class.

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