Coaching Certificates

The Community Pathway is aimed at coaches who prefer to coach (mainly) at the Amateur level. Whilst sometimes not as ambitious as those who are on the Advanced pathway they still seek assistance in the preparation, organization and conduct of safe, age related training sessions. Furthermore at Community level coaches can now choose where they wish to enter the pathway. For example instead of the old method of having to attend the Junior Course followed by a Youth Course (if you gained an advanced pass) before enrolling on the Senior Course, which is the vertical approach, coaches can now enter at the level appropriate to the age group that they will be coaching (horizontal approach)


Grassroots Certificate

"Discovery phase"

For coaches training 5-9 year old players


Skills Training Certificate

"Skill aquisition phase"

For coaches training 9-13 year old players


Game Training Certificate

"Game aquisition phase"

For coaches training 13-17 year old players


Senior Certificate

"Performance phase"

For coaches training players 17 years and above


Goal Keeping Certificate

For coaches training goalkeepers of all ages and abilities at a Grassroots and Community Level 


FFA Advanced Courses

For further information, contact to learn more about the FFA Curriculum for Coaching.

Coaching resources

Look toward a better coaching experience with the use of Coaching Resources for all football levels.


Register to coach

It is mandatory for qualification and communications, that all coaches register on Play Football for each season.

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