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Come and try Walking Football and joing the FUN.

First night is FREE. The rest of the season total cost = $50.00

Running every Monday through to December 11th.

Come and try and then register here.

  • Low impact, team based exercise
  • All games on a reduced sized field
  • Mixed teams
  • No goalkeeper
  • No studded footwear
  • Shinpads encouraged!
  • A participant will always have one foot on the ground
  • Ball cannot be kicked above head height
  • No heading of the ball
  • Competitive angle kept to a minimum
  • The focus is on fun and making friends

Come join us at Heffron Park at 7pm on Mondays. Come on your own, bring a friend or come as a team. We look forward to seeing you there!


The National Walking Football programs are run in partnership with Active Ageing Australia and Member Federations offering a social, small-sided & sustainable version of football specifically modified for older Australians, in metropolitan, regional & remote locations.

The program focuses on passing rather than speed/running; flexible with its formats and accessible to the community and prospective players.
The program will highlight the health, well-being and social benefits of regular football and exercise activities for older people.
The National program generally caters to individuals aged 65 years and above, as per the National Walking Football guidelines.
Football NSW in conjunction with our associations will still be running programs catered to those aged 50 years and over.


  • It is low-impact, team-based exercise, utilising the defined ‘Walking Football Rules and Formats’ specifically non-contact with the players ‘always having one foot on the ground’.
  • Matches are played with modified formats (5v5/6v6) on smaller pitches with shortened game times
  • Walking Football aims to provide participants physical & mental health benefits, social contentedness and promotion of the benefits of ongoing physical activity.


  • Running is not allowed. A participant always has to have one foot on the ground.
  • It is a non-contact version of the game.
  • The ball cannot be kicked above head height.
  • There is no heading of the ball.
  • There are no ‘referees’ as such and the competitive angle is kept to a minimum.
  • The focus is on fun and making friends.

Manly-Warringah FA Walking Football Festival
Cromer Park – Saturday 15th October

On Saturday 15th October, 11 players (pictured above) from the Coral Sea Park walking football group participated in the Manly-Warringah FA Walking Football Festival.

Here is what Walking Football advocate Frank Friedmann had to say about the day:

“The group who are named the PRIMATES played in Maroubra United FC gear, which proved very appropriate as no other group had the colours!

It turned out that the division was ‘competitive’, but, even though the weekly sessions are purely social, the Primates stood up to the task and were undefeated throughout, topping the group stages and breezed through the quarter and semi-finals to face the Vipers from Berowra.

In a tough fought match, officiated by a referee from Brisbane, the Primates stood firm winning 1-0 after giving away a penalty, which was fortunately off target! 

The sun shined all day on the 180 players,18 teams, who competed in the festival organized by Manly Warringah FA at their home ground at Cromer Park on their main all-weather field.

Teams came from as far away as Ballina, Wollongong (the Pacemakers), Central Coast (Ancient Mariners), and Berowra.”

If you would like to get involved in this incredible, inclusive and social group, please contact Frank on walking@maroubraunited.football.


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