Who’s Who

Board of Directors

  • President: Nigel Singh
  • Treasurer: Adam Hartas
  • Director Junior Football: Glen Overton
  • Director Senior Football: Jaleh Shafie
  • Director MiniRoos Football: Glen Overton
  • Director Technical Development and Coaching: Dr Andrew Field
  • Director: Roy Belcher
  • Director: John Harris


  • General Manager: Bill Kostandas
  • Competitions Coordinator (Seniors), Communications, Judiciary: Caroline Oakes-Ash
  • Juniors Coordinator: Chelsea Brennan
  • Referees Coordinator: Richard Beazley
  • Technical Director: Jaime Gomez
  • Accounts Officer: Dennis Cardakaris
  • Sydney FC Fan Development Officer: Sarah Ferris

Junior Football Management Committee

  • Director MiniRoos: Glen Overton
  • Director Junior Football: Glen Overton
  • Junior Boys Chair: Paul Bayutti
  • Junior Girls Chair: Paul Bayutti
  • MiniRoos Chair: Gerry Frittmann
  • Juniors Coordinator: Chelsea Brennan

Senior Football Management Committee

  • Director Senior Football: Jaleh Shafie
  • Men’s League Chair: Adam Gwynne
  • Women’s League Chair: Sarah Ferris
  • Competitions Coordinator: Caroline Oakes-Ash

All Board, Office Bearers and Staff can be contacted via

For Member Protection matters, please contact our Member Protection Information Officer, Bill Kostandas, on or 02 8347 8000

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