Club Spotlight – Randwick City FC

Club Spotlight 🤩 Randwick City FC
Each week we will be celebrating our amazing clubs and learning more about their history, accomplishments and about the special people that make the club what it is today.
Here is what Randwick City FC’s President, Richard Baldwin, had to say:
Randwick City FC was formed in 2010 by a group of like minded individuals with a vision for an inclusive, transparently run Club, built on the principles of camaraderie and tolerance. We believe we are contributing to the social wealth of the City, making a difference in people’s live’s thereby creating better citizens.
From these founding principles, the Club has grown organically and steadily. In 2011 we fielded our first teams, 2 All Age men’s teams playing in the Sydney Amateur Football League. In 2011 we also founded the Purple Hearts program, which offers football to adults with a disability. We currently field 9 Senior teams in the ESFA and make our best efforts to field teams for everyone, regardless of ability.
Having established ourselves at Chifley Sportsfields, with canteen and change room facilities and, as the most southern most outpost of the Association, there is good potential for us to grow in the developing and changing suburbs of Chifley, Little Bay, Matraville, Malabar and Southern Botany. Fielding teams for juniors is a logical, strategic step in the growth of the Club and, once we have a strong enough volunteer base, it will occur.
We have tasted success in terms of silverware, winning the Sydney Amateur Cup in 2013 and winning the 2015 SAFL 1st grade grand final. We have achieved a pleasing degree of success in ESFA, our first women’s team sweeping all before them in AAW3. Our AA men’s teams have won various leagues and grand finals since admittance into ESFA in 2017.
A significant milestone was achieved in 2021 when, with the assistance of ESFA and the terrific spirit of opposition teams, we entered a team consisting mainly of our Purple Hearts adult players, in a mainstream competition. This has been a life transforming experience for these players.
There are many people to thank for the growth of the Club. Firstly, the many selfless, intelligent people who have performed the largely unseen and thankless roles on our Committee. These are the people who ensure the Club stays true to its Constitution and principles, pays it’s bills, and plans for a sustainable future.
Secondly, our volunteer coaches and managers who are at the coal face of keeping players engaged and on the park.

Thirdly our loyal sponsors who help us pay the bills, Community Bank, Clovelly who have been with us since birth, Integrum Systems, Ventia, and The Regent Hotel, Kingsford.

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