ESFA and Football Canterbury Club Referee Training Session


“It’s 5 minutes before a match and the allocated referee has not shown up. You have to find a club referee to officiate the match but also ensure that they are willing and able to.”

While the focus is still to improve coverage and development of our own referees, we acknowledge the benefits club referees provide to clubs and the challenges club referees face when called upon. We would be grateful if clubs note the value of sending their club referees to the following session, so that club referees can have greater confidence when refereeing uncovered matches.

This year ESFA will be collaborating with the CDSFA and offer the successful Club Referee Program to referees from the Eastern Suburbs and the Football Canterbury District. Please fill out the following form to register as Club Referees for the session here.

Club Referee Training
Felix Tan from the ESFA Referees Branch will be organising a practical training session with the objective to assist club referees in learning about the consistent application of the Laws of the Game, to protect the safety of players, and to uphold the spirit and image of the game. During the session, the referees will learn through various scenarios and drills (amongst other topics) on the following:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Use of the Whistle
  3. Foul Identification
  4. Tactical Fouls and Sanctions
  5. Offside Infringements
  6. Player Management
  7. Start/Restart of Play
  8. Football Understanding

Dates and Times:
Tuesday 21st February, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Mackey Park, Carrington Rd & Richardsons Crescent, Marrickville NSW 220

Black or similar sports shirts, shorts, socks with turf or boots

As part of attending the session, each attendee will receive a whistle, set of red/yellow cards and a notebook

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